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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the best heat delivery method to use with renewable sources. Since the running temperatures are so much lower than the traditional radiator system.

With the Titan underfloor system, the pipe we use has a higher thermal conductivity than other pex/pert pipes thus making the running of your heat pump more energy efficient. In side by side designs we have seen upto a 10C drop in the required flow temperatures for the same building at the same pipe centres, this would have a large impact on the energy usage/cop of a heatpump system.

On a 9kw Heatpump
@ 0-35C the cop would be 4.1
@ 0-50C the cop would be just 3

This is why the choice of underfloor system to complement your design can be so important to the running costs.

Although we are happy to install a system of your choice, we recommend Titan underfloor, for design, quality, performance and after sales.

Underfloor Heating has many other advantages over the traditional radiator system some of these are: - Heating distribution of different heating systems

As you can see from the diagram above, Underfloor heating is much closer to an ideal heating solution than a Radiator system.

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